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How create an internet marketing video | Push up your turnover with your new internet marketing video!

The One-Click-Solution For Your Business

"98.7 % of your competitors are unlikely to know this marketing tool"



Welcome on the first video course how to produce an

internet marketing video, designed specifically with

laymen in mind 



What are your benefits when you attend this video course?

 # 1

Grow up your business and enjoy more financial freedom

# 2

Be more successful and a savvy business owner without spend a fortune

# 3

Save time and money and let your best salesman work for you 24/7

# 4

Be more clever as your competition and learn to do video the right way

# 5

Be autonomous to learn whenever you want

Now, you can find this course here:


Find out how online video marketing can push up your turnover, increase your profit and achieve more personal freedom with our business.
Learn how to create your own business video to communicate more effectively with your customers.
The course is delivered 100% online and can be accessed 24/7, so no travel costs, business dress or rushing around to be somewhere on time.

 Why is online video such a great marketing tool?

Online video is fast becoming the most popular way for people to find information and services. YouTube became the world’s search engine #2 (behind Google). YouTube alone has over 800 million unique users every month, and it is still growing.

               It only takes one click for people to find all the information they need

               It keeps people on your website for longer

               It builds rapport much faster than text alone

               It brings your business to life on the computer screen

Yet despite it’s popularity, video is a tool that

over 98.7% of businesses are not using!

People like to do business with people. And video is hands down the most effective medium to facilitate this. You just can’t communicate effectively using text alone.

One Click Solution is a straight forward online video course for beginners that will walk you through how to plan, produce and upload professional looking video to your website. Suitable for any business regardless how big or small, this course offers a simple and cost effective way to make the most of this underused marketing tool.

Now, you can find this course here:



Module 1

How to get organized /5 secret facts about successful marketing /Define your target group /

Analyze your market with four different methods


Module 2

Structure: The most important issue / Your elevator pitch / Video script / 5 key factors to satisfy your audience


Module 3, Tutorial 1

Your own studio - all about sound, lighting and camera


Module 3, Tutorial 2


Video production - effective tools to create your internet marketing video


Module 3, Tutorial 3

Live video production – watch an example how easy it could be to create a internet marketing video


Module 4, Tutorial 1

Video Hosting and Video Strategy – How to get your video online


Module 4, Tutorial 2

Web Design - A suitable website for your new Internet Marketing Video


What users say

Tanya Smith (Dallas, Texas)  Well organized with great tips
This course walks you step by step through preparing your video project, from defining your target group to using the
right tools to get a great product.Gabi Hirina ( Vancouver & Brasov)  Awesome course! 
Heike is such a smart and savvy business women! I went through her course on how to create an internet marketing
video and I was impressed with the amount of information provided, the overall quality of the course , the systematic 
complete one step at a time before moving on to the next approach and the communication style.I have learned some 
things to help me operate my business more efficiently and in a very fun way! I highly recommend this course to anyone
wanting to learn how to start or grow a successful business.Marni Spencer-Devlin (Laguna Woods, California)
Thank you Heike Noack for creating such a fabulous, comprehensive course teaching the ins and outs of online marketing. 
The information was invaluable. I learned so much that will have a tremendous impact on my future. Again, thanks Heike!!
This is essential information for anyone wishing to market their business on the web in a professional manner.
.Adarsh Menon (Taichung, Taiwan)   Comprehensive Course
In addition to detailed lectures on how to script, shoot and edit your video, Heike also provides a good overview on how
to organize, brand and deliver your marketing message. This is a worthy course for anyone new to this subject.
Miss Neumann (Berlin, Germany)   highly recommendable 
Perfect for me as a beginner, easy understandable and compact teaching! Great that I can produce a business video 
for very little money!!!
Jewel Tolentino (Vancouver, Canada)    Very Detailed!
Thank you Heike, your course was very detailed and very easy to follow. The course is jam packed full of content 
and it even comes with a checklist at the end. Awesome course!
.Blake Douglass (Chesterfield, Missouri)   Lean, and full of info.
Heike gives you just what you need and nothing you don’t. Her knowledge of video and marketing are evident
throughout the course. I was able to use numerous pieces of advice from this course in my already busy video
marketing efforts. Great, lean course!.

Now, you can find this course here:



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  1. Pamela Frisby

    This course is just what I wanted! It teaches you how to make your own business video in simple steps.
    The complete course is available online, which means you don’t need to waste time travelling. I live in the countryside and work from home while the kids are at school or in bed. I can do the course whenever it’s convenient, which is brilliant.
    The modules are easy to follow and I’m well on the way to completing my first ever internet marketing video. Great!

    • Stressbefreiungscoach

      Hi Pamela

      Thank you very much indeed for joining the course.
      Let me know if you need any help.